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    發布者 上海交通大學繼續教育學院 發布時間:2021 05 24


    Recruitment Announcement: School of Continuing Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University is looking for outstanding part-time teachers of international courses.

    IDP-BTEC國際文憑課程(International Diploma Program)是上海交通大學繼續教育學院為準備前往英國、美國、加拿大、澳大利亞等國家知名高校攻讀學士學位及碩士學位課程的中國學生量身定做的國際課程,旨在為中國學生在學術、心理及未來職業規劃發展方面做好充分準備,使其成為具有國際競爭力的專業化人才。三年制IDP-BTEC國際文憑課程目前得到英美加澳等眾多名校的肯定,主要專業方向涵蓋了商科、計算機等數十個專業并為世界1000多所知名高校所認可,學生經過3年上海交通大學學習后,達到條件即可被其中至少一所大學優先錄取,是目前國內最為便捷的海外高級文憑課程。

    IDP-BTEC (International Diploma Program) is provided by the School of Continuing Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It is an international diploma course tailored for Chinese students who are scheduling to study for bachelor's degree and master's degree courses in famous universities in the UK, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries. It aims to provide Chinese students with full preparations for their development in the fields of academic, psychologicaland future career planning, so as to make them become talents with international competitiveness. At present, the three-year IDP-BTEC course has been affirmed by many famous universities in Britain, America, Canada and Australia. Its main professional direction covers dozens of majors such as business, computer and are acknowledged by more than 1000 well-known universities in the world. After three years of study in Shanghai Jiao Tong University with the set standards met, students can be given priority to admission by at least one of these universities. It is currently the most convenient overseas higher diploma course in China.

    招聘崗位:IDP 商科專業課程兼職教師若干名,專業課程包括商業與商業環境、人力資源管理、領導力與管理、商業項目管理、商法、研究項目及個人、團隊和組織發展等。

    Recruitment Post : Part-timeIDP BusinessCourses Teachers. Business and the Business Environment,Human Resource Management,Leadership and Management,Managing a Successful Business Project,Business Law, Research Project,Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations.

    崗位職責Job Responsibilities:

    1. 全英語或雙語教授IDP專業課程,高質量地完成課堂教學與備課任務;

    Teach IDP Business courses in English only or English-Chinese bilingually, and complete class preparation and teaching tasks with high quality;

    2. 熟悉培生教學大綱,嚴格按照培生體系關于該門課程的評價標準和要求上課,完成英文課業布置及批改,配合課程的內審和外審程序;

    Be familiar with the Pearson’s lecturing syllabus, carry out course lecturing strictly in accordance with the requirements and evaluation standards under Pearson’s syllabus,guide students’ course assignments and complete their assessment, and cooperate with the course’s internal and external verification procedures with high quality;

    3. 采用針對性的教學方法,輔導學生課業,準確地保留學生學習進程記錄,定期做好與學生、班主任、專業主任的溝通;

    Adopt targeted teaching methods, provide guidance to students with their assignments, keep an accurate record of students learning progress, and communicate with students, tutors and the course supervisor to discuss students progress regularly;

    4. 按照要求積極參加各種會議、培訓、教研活動等;

    Actively attend meetings as required, such as staff meeting, training, parents meeting, teaching research activities, promotional events, etc.;

    5. 服從學院的其他工作安排。

    Complete other work arrangements of the School.

    任職要求Job Requirements:

    1. 碩士或以上學歷,經濟或管理專業畢業;IDP-BTEC等國際課程教學經驗豐富、學術能力優秀者可降低學歷要求;

    Master or above degree in Economics, Management or related area; special consideration will be given for those who have rich experience in teaching international courses such as IDP-BTEC, or excellent academic ability;

    2. 有親和力、耐心和高度的責任心,熱愛教育熱愛學生,能與學生很好地相處;

    Be passionate, patient,responsible and committed to education, love to work with students, and can get along well with students;

    3. 專業基礎扎實,具有較好的演示技能和中英文溝通表達能力;

    Have a solid professional foundation, good presentation skills, and communication skills in both English and Chinese;

    4. 勤奮積極主動,有良好的團隊合作精神和應變能力,有志于長期從事國際教育教師行業;

    Be diligent, active, cooperative and adaptable, and hope to work in the international education field as a career;

    5. 有海外學習經歷者優先。

    Overseas learning experience is a plus.

    聯系人Cotact person: 馮老師Ms. Feng

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